Apr 2, 2008

Why I hate CPM kerala?

Friends,Actually I am a man who loves Carl Max che vura, Castro, Mao and most of the communist people who spend there life fully for the making the life of the poor in there country to a good manner or trying to stop dictator mentality.
Ok, Let’s back to our subject….. Why I hate CPM kerala?…. I am saying some thing that happened in the Kerala by communist party
The communist party is a working class party, is it??? If so why CPI (M) kerala have money more than 500+ crore as there party fund how it’s happened and in what source they got this much money??? I think the communist party in kerala is the one of the multi international firm that situated in India. they were planning to create a new water theme park in India, if they want to spend money out then why can’t they spend it to make new homes for poor and so on… the kerala communist party have following things
• A News paper• 3 TV Channel(people,kairali,we)• One Multi specialty Hospital• One Co-Operative Engg College
Ok, the news paper is for saying true (on there language) to people, then what’s the need of 3 TV channel?? ok one for saying ‘truth’ then the need of 2 other entertainment channels kairali and we??? answer is simple to get money…. They need money to make the party strong
Another one is a multi specialty hospital, is a co operative hospital, if they are saying that it is a hospital of poor people. Sorry the public issue was cost 5000rs + per stock….
Another thing is before some days the state meeting of the CPM was held… for that they all the local committee made small hut and for display most of the place it is now using as the temp shed for conducting party meeting and so on
Friends as usual I want your comments regarding this

Hi friends…

How are you? Taken your Food?? Ok now I like to discuss with you about this blog http://thecompulsiveconfessor.blogspot.com , which Is writing by a girl who herself call as ‘eM’ (Hell what a name it is?)I think she is a psycho because, did she have any knowledge about our country’s culture. Did she ever think that Bharath is the country which has good culture? And that culture is agreed or well said by the east, I know she is bold enough to write things that happened in her life. The sex she had, the drinks she had, so on. .the ladies are saying that they are only trying to get free. I am asking to such ladies what you are thinking about freedom. Bharath is the country which always gave respect to the ladies all the time. Sorry I am trying to make this article only against the great ‘eM’. eM, Before writing this article I think about mailing you. Then I thought that if I mail you. If you have got any change by reading my mail it affects only you. The other ladies like you will not, so I decided to write in ma blog. And you with very proudly wrote that you have daily cigarette and drinks, hey lady if you are doing this for poor publicity then I feel pity on you, eM, don’t think that the thinks you are writing is always true. And did you have any thought about the future? Like marriage, children and so on?? If so try to be genuine to at least your Hus…what that poor man done to you??? I think now in the present world, gents are more good that ladies. Any way this century is for ladies they can do anything they can write any abuse things they can say bad words, and they like to live as the ladies living in the east. I already said that I have respect to ladies.

Mar 21, 2008

Kerala State Entrance Exam -My Views

Kerala State Entrance Exam or KSEE is the entrance exam conducting by Kerala state for giving admission in professional colleges,Whether we need that??? It is 100% unwanted, I think so there is some reason for that, lets check what all problems happening to the students by this KSEE, friends I am not saying any politics in this articles. It’s a general article, so friends invite your friends and relative who are going to write this exam to say there comments
1) I like to ask all the friends, one question what is the need of this KSEE??
2) Look our neighbor state Tamil Nadu, what they are doing for giving admission to the students, simple, if you like to have a admission in a college by govt merit seat, then they should submit there +2 mark to the govt, then the govt will make a rank list and then they will issue the rank list and have the admission on the college they want by there rank.
Why can we adopt this principle to our state? What is the need of this Entrance Exam? After this +2 exam. Both exams are conducting on the principle of +2 books, then why we need this entrance exam
Look, who all get the rank and so on in the entrance exam? Those who study either in PC Thomas Entrance Coaching center or Brilliant Entrance Coaching center is it? I am not blaming them. Look the parents; they are giving more that 10k for this coaching center for making there children first, now just consider about poor people, they can’t able to gave this 10k or so on for studying in these coaching center and get the mark
The structure of the KSEE is objective type questions so the students need to sharpen there brain for writing this exam, so they need coaching from this type of coaching center. In this case the poor people will not have that much money for getting the coaching then what will the poor people will do??
So in my view stop this non-sense and do as TN government doing make a rank list based on the students rank which they got in the +2 and then there will be a good change for the poor people’s life style.
Friends whats ur comment??

Mar 10, 2008

Why Communist Party should be hated

I don’t know why?? Why I hate the communist party this much, I am using this article for getting an answer. I will say some things or my thoughts about communist party some times it is rubbish or some times it’s not true for the comrades for that comrades…forgive me my dear comrade and don’t kill me ;)
1) Communist Have no GOD
2) They used to have some Crocodile Tears about poor and working class both of this two are interlinked , but I am asking you comrades, excluding Cuba. Any other country where community party got power, try to destroy this devil name poverty?? Look at China, Russia. Where the communist comrades used to say as there heaven there also the communist don’t work properly to remove poverty
3) In India, Especially at kerala the comrades are saying that the developments are not good for country because this development and globalization is the product of USA,What is this?? Is the people in USA are not Humans or if they have some thing special comparing with people of China and Russia???
4) In Kerala, the youth wing of CPI (M), DYFI, earlier fight against the implementation of computerization in the entire department under government and starting of new IT Parks in State this revolution thought was brought by UDF Government of that time.I am asking to Young comrades, if that project is not implemented in the state what will be the present condition of our state?? And the present condition of the youth in the state? Do you ever noticed that by the help of this ‘Nasty’ computer filed lot of Family got there life much better than earlier, You all made this ‘Great’ fight because of one reason and that’s known to all the people in kerala, the reason is simple. If the poverty is gone from the state then there will no comrades for you
5) Copy Cat Policy is another way of your working, I will say an example. This example was happened in Kerala, and the Actor of this Story is Comrade VS, while he was the opposition leader of Umman Chandi Ministry. He made lot of arguments against Sri Umman Chandi, CM of Kerala regarding the Project Smart City, Express Highway and ADB Loan. Presently Comrade VS is the CM of Kerala Now He implemented Smart City Project and ADB Loan was taken for Co-operation. At this time some Press People asked about this, from that time onwards The Press People are Spy of CIA. What a world is this???
6) They are trying to get more comrades; the comrades have a problem they trying to implement no god concept, and in the school under Christian ministry are trying making the child in good path and they are trying to gave students good future with out looking there moral, money, religion side. So they will not allow any political parties or their students’ wing to work in the campus because they know that students or youth from the age 15-30 is time period where students want more care, knowledge about the real world and good education. But if they go to politics there future will spoil. So the communist party trying to give a beat to Christian school and those has doing the same pattern. For doing this they made M.A baby as the minister of Education. If he is the minister Christians cannot able to say that he is from different religion so that he is trying to make his religion and there college’s well. What an Idea is this??? And we should think one thing too, Though M.A Baby Is Christian, he is a communist and a communist have no god. They have a thought that only they have brain

People who reading this articles I am begging you to add your comment in this. Please send me your comment, because this also affects your life

Dec 2, 2007

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Nov 11, 2007

Hosting a Server in Kerala,India

When i think about a new social networking site which deal with so many extra feature from that of now,i think its gud if i host in India.specially if it host in Kerala @ my office i think that will gud for me to manage that site, so as a usuall project i try to collect all the details.but the thing is when i asked about the technical people about this about XEON server and so on the people used to look at me and then say that its impossible to host a server @ India,Specially @ Kerala,

The thing kerala does not have,i think its some thing known as 'Knowledge',Because People in kerala know everythings basic and some thing more.not more and they trying to pretenting that they know everything.thats all...the people in kerala will decided that some thing which is cost more than 1 lk means its cannot able to win,now there is a slight change in there thoughts

i came to read in kenneyjacob's blog that a net connection speed about 3mbps will cost 13 lk per year thats horibble,this rates should cut down
people say your comment about this

Goventment Supported Cruelty in Bengal

its a rural area in Bengal,India.this is one of the most important place in the nowadays news,beacuse some farmers died in this place i think about 17 in this year,the fight occur because the taking the place of farmer and gaving that to some multi international firm for starting there industry there,the govtment support this firm and so that the goverment doing this cruelty to this poor peoples.

The most important thing is this all is doing by the CPI(M),the communist Party which should stand to help the farmers and working class.but now its change,they are supporting the business class,if they are on the govtmnt,nothing they just support the Business class,if they are not,then they are in the field inorder to support the working class.i think this is just a used trick using by all the politicians,any way let see what all event will going to happen there

But friends i need some comment and your views about this.please make your valueable comment,because this is a public place where you can share your thought,

Nov 7, 2007

Naalu Pennungal

Dadasaheb Phalke Award winner Adoor Gopalakrishanan’s much hailed film ‘Naalu Pennungal’ will be commercially released in select theatres in the state from tomorrow.The film is co produced and distributed by Benzy Martin in the banner of Emil and Eric digital films. The film which was shown at the London and Toronto festivals have earned much good reviews from the festival buffs, there.The movie features four different female characters from four different stories of Thakazhy, gracefully tied together for a film.Set in the 60s, the film’s heroines presented by Nandhitha Das, Kavya Madhavan, Geethu Mohandas, Padmapriya and K P A C Lalitha, comes from a different social stratum.Adoor is said to have carefully recreated the period for the film with apt detailing.
Source :- http://www.indiaglitz.com/channels/malayalam/article/34436.html

How i Beacame KSU(I) Member...

This is a small stroy,about how i became a KSUian,The story was start when i am studying in 10th STD at CMS Nedugadapally,some fights occur with some of the local people in the nedugadapally,the fight was became so much bigger,i was a communist thinker and in my mind there was a thought that only communist and there,work can only let the Indian to a Developed Nation
I will Back to the Story,they beat me,as a boy of that age i think for doing revenge.my friends said to me to join in SFI,so thatI can do revenge.I also think thats good that i am already like communism and why dont i get a party membership,all time i used to discuss every thing with my mama(mother),i said to my mama i am going to work in SFI,Her Heart Broke,because no mother like her son to be Died, ;-) ,She said to me dont go to Politics thats good for me,because i am always became anger very fast so...
Then i meet one of my friend,Name Jeby who is in KSU,I talked to him about all the events happends,he let me meet Ajis Ben Mathew,State Sec of KSU at that time(Now he is the State Sec of Youth Congress),He talk to me that ahimsa and gandiyan principle,so i decided dont to go for revenge aganist them,and agis chettan(i used to call him like that) teach me that only ahimsa based work will get the final victory,noting else will win,if anything else will win then we dont get the Freedom from the Britsh,and he tell me the story of KSU,how it orgin,how it work,whats all big work done by our KSU leader,like students concetion,common fees structure for all colleges in one University so on

Oct 22, 2007

MT Vasudevan’s Randam Uzham(Second Chance)

MT Vasudevan’s Randam Uzham(Second Chance)
Laguage : - Malayalam

This is wonder full story from Indian Epic Mahabahratham.This Name “Randam Uzham”(Second Chance) is very much correct for this Book,Because the Author try to say story in the angle of Bhemasena(Second one in Pandavas),This story is mainly based on him,like bhima’s Life,thoughts,feelings so on….one of the Best Work from MT

The Main Characters of are

Arjun’s Son Abhimenu
Bhiman’s First Son

Oct 12, 2007

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist

Story of a Shepard boy who like to travel through the world. his name was Santiago. Fantastic story….as in my view, this is also one of the best book by Paulo. This story says about the faith in dream, soul of World, Beginner’s Luck, Love, and Fight, so on…. The Main Characters of this Book are
1) Santiago
2) Fatima
3) English Man
4) Camel Driver
5) Old King
6) Old Alchemist
My Personal request for you that you should read this book,after reading this book you should send me the comment

Oct 11, 2007

Kerala Roads

Whats your comment about the MC Road???Teribble or Horibble????

According my view there is no Road only rings in that Road

Aug 24, 2007

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